Dry Skin + Hyperpigmentation

Dry Skin + Hyperpigmentation

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Achieve brightened, even skin tone while locking in moisture! Our Saffron Clean Skin Polish creates the perfect foundation to lock in the benefits our of Dry Skin + Hyperpigmentation solution set by gently polishing away dullness with gentle plant enzymes. Our Plant Based Brightener Serum paired with our Saffron Miracle Serum, can be used morning and night to brighten the complexion and combat uneven skin tone. Our key ingredients work to gently provide skin with needed high performing antioxidants, Vitamin C, collageneer to achieve a clear, glowing skin complexion. Our Saffron Silk Night Concentrate is a hydration boosting overnight mask, complete with red marine algae and a powerfully gentle blend of AHAs. Wake up to improved texture and appearance with our Dry Skin + Hyperpigmentation solution set. 


Night routine: Polish (1 to 2 times a week), plant based brightener serum, Saffron Miracle Serum (4 to 5 drops) , Saffron Silk Night Concentrate

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